Leshia Scythe (hatefulmoon) wrote in authors_haven,
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This just came to me. o_O

I can feel you trembling
With your face buried against my shoulder
And my arms wrapped around you tightly
You lay like a child in my arms

You confess your dreams
Your fears
Your needs
And your love

You want more then what life has given you
You want out of the 'home' you live in
You want to start your life anew
And you've chosen me to do that with

I continue to hold you
Comforting you as best I can
Letting you unleash everything
That you've held in for so long

I kiss your forehead
Your closed eyes
And your lips
Showing my love for you

I take your face in my hands
Smiling softly at you
Looking into your eyes
Letting you see my love for you

I shall kiss away your fears
Give you a new home in my arms
And you shall start your life anew with me
For I have chosen you as well
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OMG that is so very beautiful *hugs*
*hugs* thanks :)
ur welcome.