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Forever and a day

I dont know how to use LJ cuts so if you want to teach me i'll do that but, i'm writing a story thats based on experience. alot of its exaggerated and i want someone to review it i guess.  if you know a site that would be suitable please tell me!

She only ever loves once, and she let him go, when she pushed him away she changed, she didnt care anymore, she chose to fake her life away pretending to be happy until her fiance broke up with her.  Now shes back to dancing.  a 19year old exotic dancer, enslaved by a sleazy boss that uses her and blackmails her.  She doesnt care.  Nothing can change her life, the money, she needs the money to pay for her life and her daughters life.  Sex, torment, abuse and heartache....


yeah...its in my journal so if you want to read it, i'd appreciate it.


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