The Angel Of Death (darkreaperomega) wrote in authors_haven,
The Angel Of Death

This is a new story i've decided to start. It takes a differnt turn form my old one ( the hunter series if any one actually read thoses posts) tell me what you think and i may continue it.

The air lock hissed as it slowly opened, and small clouds of dust swirled up as the doors finished opening. A tall, dark figure walked in; an assult rifle held tight in his grip. The light comming from his helmet's flashlight was scarcely enough to illuminate a narrow path in front of him, leaving every thing else in eerie darkness. He checked the corner of his vision for his motion tracker and saw nothing. The only sound he heard in the dark, cold hallways was the echo of his own heavy, metallic footsteps. All around him scenes of unspeakable horror filled his vision as he saw bodies mutilated in the worst ways. Skulls split, faces torn off, limbs missing, Blood everywhere. He had been briefed that it would be bad, but nothing he had imagined could have prepared him for this. Nothing could have prapared him for the horrors that had yet to unfold around him either.
As he continued down the dark, blood-stained hallways, he could have sworn he heard a strange clicking sound that was not his own footsteps. As he stopped to check his motion tracker again,he noticed the clicking stoped as well. Nothing was showing up on his motion detector, but he didn't trust that. His instincts told him otherwise. As he continued down the hall, he found a security door. his rank, coupled with the current situation afforded him full security clearance, and he entered his access code slowly on the keypad at the door, while keeping his rifle at the ready on his side. As the door slide open, he heard the clicking sound again. He took a few steps forward and turned quickly with his rifle raised.
What he saw behind him was a tall being that most definitley didn't look human. Long bulging arms protruded from a heavily muscled torso. The hands were hardly human, the term "hands" in fact, was generous at best, because they resembled claws far more than actual hands. The creature hissed , and a long serpentine tongue snaked out of it's deformed, misshapen mouth. Long strings of saliva dripped from its mouth, and onto his helmet visor as the creature leaned forward, and he brought his gun up. The claw hand was a blur of motion as it easily swiped his gun away. It made a quick lunge at him, but he was faster. The Marine leaned back and drew his sidearm, as the creature appeared over him, and caught it straight in the face witha few well-placed shots. The ugly head exploded with a resounding bang. After the echo died away, the Marine stood up and dusted himself off. The body of whatever it was that attacked him, lay there twitching until it eventually vaporized in red flame. So this is what he had been sent to deal with... These were not humans he was killing at all... he didn't know waht they were... Possible genitic mutations or something worse... somethign demonic. He walked over to his riffle and picked it up. He didn't know but he was going to find out...

As he walked down the dark corridor, deeper into the base, a faint shimmer of a female form watched from behind him. Eyes red with fire, skin as pale as the moon. Every breathe she seemed to take was like acid to anything around it as it seemed to kill the very air around her. She growled low in her throat as she vashined just as silently as she had appeared. The marine had no idea what he was in store for...
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