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The Angel Of Death

Here is the next part to my story if any one has been readin git sorry it took i tso lon gto get done lol ^_^

I awoke still on my bike.

"Oh come on it wasn't that bad was it?"
I must had fallen asleep recounting the past events of meeting Necros, my cloak. "You tried to take me over you bastard and use me for your own purposes.'
" Yeah but I didn't, did I?" He laughed. It was somewhat unsettling knowing he had tried.
" You only couldn't because I wasn't human and you can only take over humans. And what's the big idea with making me sleep" I was somewhat annoyed with him when he did that.
" Oh don't even start it you know you needed it. You hadn't slept in days. This is partly my body too and if you die, I die or did you forget that?"
"You know I don't like sleeping and you know I don't need that much sleep" he knew I was lying.. I hadn't had slept in almost a week and my body was starting to show it. I silently thanked the demon bastard for making me sleep.
"Besides we're almost to Los Angeles dome"
" Ah good"
"You know you should really get more sleep. Stop for the night and I will ask around"
"Awwww you care how touching" I chuckled as I knew he always got angry at that
"No jackass like I said your health is tied to mine and I don't need you dying not without a host for me"
I ignored him for a moment as the city rose up on the horizon. There it was-- Los Angeles dome. Ironically, one of the biggest demon domes on the planet. Somewhere I was going to find my prey... at least I had hoped. I was about out of options.
Of course I had been here before... a couple years before in fact...... It had been about 60 years after my encounter with Necros. We had become fast friends even though he had tried to possess me. Having failed to destroy her when I joined the Demon and Angel armies, I decided to take another approach. The bounty hunters guild. I had figured why not she's got to be on some ones shit list. They almost begged me to be in after finding out both my military back grounds.
It had taken me years to track her down. I had killed demons and angels alike to find her. Apparently she had pissed ALOT of people off. I had decided to take it up free of bounty charge, although with the money I could have made off her, I would have been rich. But I didn't care. I wanted her dead. I wanted her to suffer like i had. I still wanted revenge. Necros of course had questioned me constantly since he had been helping me kill his own kind too. But he wasn't as concerned with that as why I wanted to find her. He thought that I still loved her... HAHAH way off.
I remember where I found her too. She had set up a base in the heart of Los Angeles. It was unfortunate really, cause I had happened to make a lot of enemies there recently with my new found... job, but I made my way in any how. Necros disguised me as he normally did. We made our way in and took a look around. Fucking Demons infested everything. The stench of Demons and pollution was almost intolerable. The red sky gave everything a kind of red glow. Like a permanent sunset but nowhere near as nice to look at. We found a place to hide for the night. A little human run tavern. I found my self more and more drawn to human company.... I knew none of them could take me if it was a trap so it was better in the long run. It wasn't long before we asked around enough and found one of her servants. He hated Iderah and was glad for anyone who would kill her.
Apparently she was a big wig here. Had her own corporation and everything. It was kind of odd... she usually left business to people who knew it. I thanked the man for his time and made my way to her building at sunrise. I figured a basement infiltration would be best which meant the sewers... fucking great. I found what I was looking for. God I almost wish I could just walk in the front door.
"So what's the plan?"
"What plan Necros? I've NEVER had a plan I'm going to find her, kill her and then escape. simple"
"Run right in and just kill every thing that stops you huh? Great how about we try some actual STEALTH this time?"
"well what do YOU suggest we do?"
"Let me take over the body find one of the guards and then as me we make our way up. You don't think she's going to be LOOKING for you? Maybe She knows you're alive.. every one does. You've made quiet a name for your self"
I sighed inwardly" Fine we will do things YOUR way for once." I felt my cloak stretch an envelop me. I knew I looked like Necros now.
We climbed up into the basement level of the building. No on had seen me which was good. Now I just needed to find a guard. It was still early in the morning so the morning shift should just be coming in. And there he was.. My target. Phil is what his name tag said. Simple enough I slunk over to him and knocked him out. Dumped him in the same sewer I had just come out of. Necros shifted to look more like Phil had. I had made sure to take his name tag and badge and stuff.
I started making my way up the building I didn't know which level she would be on but the servant had told me she had a small apartment on the top level. Why someone would sleep in their own corporation building is beyond me. Not many people stood in my way now, in fact there was oddly not much security anyhow. There were 60 floors and I was on the 40th before I had any real opposition. Apparently the upper 20 levels were secure and didn't have access. I backed off into a bath room
" Any ideas Necros?"
"I could shadow-port the rest of the way up, but if she's got Demon lore detectors she will spot me and an alarm will go off"
"hmm that might suck so yeah I think we'll just have to Macguyver our way in there" I grinned"
"greeeat..." I found the nearest ventilation hatch and started my way up. I eventually shifted to the elevator shaft for the rest of the 10 levels until I hit level 29. That's when the oddness occurred. I got the displacement I had gotten from the first time I had encountered her. It means my heart case was near. And where that was she was Damn sure to be. But there was no vents and only one elevator shaft up there and that door would only open to a run scan . Demons used run scans as a way of permitting humans and some demons in to their most private places. I had found the room right below where the displacement was strongest. That had to be her personal quarters. I consulted with Necros " Were going to have to risk it and shadow port up there."
"ok But I warned you" I jumped up as the shadow portal opened and I slid through it only to come out of a wall in the main room. All seemed well no alarm went off I heard no sirens of any sort... that was good. And I had guessed right for right there laying in a bed was my target... Iderah. The woman who had destroyed my life in a matter of moments and in more ways than one.
Necros shifted back into being my cloak as I stared at her. That flawless body I had been so enamored by... to think that someone like that had ever loved me. I drew my sword silently and poised myself over her bed. I stared down at her lovely face, her fangs slightly out over her lower lip. I knew what she was-- I had waited for 140 years for this . I looked at her flawless body as part of the cover slipped down on her thigh. Why was I looking at her? why was she not already dead? why was I hesitating...... There was no reason for this... just as I drew my sword back to cut that pretty little head off, her eyes fluttered open. I jumped back ready for her attack, but she seemed not to notice me.
She sat up and stretched, and she was naked from the top down. She stretched her long black wings and looked around. She looked right at me and passed over me as if not even seeing me. I had almost spoke, but Necros stopped me with a thought. " Youre in a shadow. I cloaked you when you started to freeze. As long as you are in a shadow she can't see you" Interesting trick, I had thought but I still needed to kill her. I was about to make my move when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and my hopes of getting to her sank.
I saw her bodyguard Joel step out of some chamber. FUCK I could never get to her with out him getting to me. Necros seemed to stare intently on Joel as I if scanning him for some sign of weakness. Meanwhile, I continued to stare at Iderah. Joel had brought her clothing and she had gotten dressed . A nice business lady suit. Nothing of which I had ever seen her wear but she still looked stunning in it. I chided my self for thinking that. She passed right by me and I decided to make my move. I lunged from the shadow, right at her back to stab her through her heart. But I hadn't anticipated Joel's quickness. For his huge arm was right there to turn my blade aside. She turned around and screeched at me looking once again surprised.
" Hello Lover I see I am going to have to up my security yet AGAIN?"
I thought quickly... if I stayed too long Joel would tear me apart but it seemed Necros was a step ahead. He opened a shadow port below me and I dropped through, coming out of a wall on some other floor. I landed straight on my ass..... Fucking figured damnit I hated shadow porting.
"Well look like this is a bust Necros. How the hell do we get out of here."
"well I can't shadow port us out I have to know where I am going an I don't know this place all that well looks like it's manual"
"Fucking great" I unslung my twin pistols and headed out the nearest door. I encountered elite guards on the upper levels that were WAY over armored to be normal humans. I had little trouble with them still but it was annoying.
I made my way down until I hit the 37th floor where they trapped me. Most of it was open space cause it was a testing lab. I walked into a room and the doors locked behind me. Trees rose around me and blocked my view of the door. I heard the loud heavy thundering of only one persons steps That had to be Joel.
Shit, I was doomed unless I could get out . The trees started getting knocked down as I watched him charge me. I dodged to the side but his fist was right there to hit me as he ran by. I flew and slammed into a tree. The hit had dazed me a bit... hell I couldn't take too many of those.
"Get in close to him I have a plan"
"are you fucking kidding Necros the guy is a TANK nothing affects him"
"Just do it"
Knowing he wouldn't willingly put his own life in danger, I decided to trust him. I dashed towards him using the power of my boots to make me faster. I dashed straight up to his chest and as he went to hit me, Necros reached straight into him and through him and then retracted with something in his hand. Joel looked un affected as I rolled to the side to dodge the blow.
"What the hell did you just do Necros"
"Just took away his tough skin" He held up a weird looking artifact " I thought I recognized it. Its the talisman of stone skin. Makes him impenetrable or anyone who has it in them" He grinned mentally at me
"Well I suppose that changes things now"
"Be carefully he still has other talismans in him. I could only grab that one cause it can only be put in by a shadow demon and can only be taken out by a shadow demon"
"will do" I dashed at him and engaged him with my sword. He was still a tough fight I tried to slash his arms but He grabbed my sword and yanked it out of my hand and then proceeded to crush me with a mighty blow.
I dodged to the side and spiked my hand with some of Necros' essence and decided to punch him in the side a few times. He didn't seem to like that as he bellowed in anger and swung around to hit me again. I decided to dash back and run through some trees. He kept pace well but I made me wonder just how big WAS this place. I eventually hit a wall which had thrown me off cause I wasn't expecting it. Joel hadn't slowed down he palmed my face and started pushing me through walls.
His brute force broke the walls easily as we ran through cubicles and every thing while I tried desperately to fight him off. I figured the building had to end soon and I was right as we plunged through the last wall I felt the free falling as we rocket down the other 36 stories of the building. Necros opened up as a wing to try and slow us down. All he had managed to do was reverse the rolls as now the ground was rushing towards Joel's back. We hit the ground pretty hard and fell right through to the garage level. Man did that fucking hurt. I rolled off him an attempted to get up and walk away. Necros was prepared to open up a quick shadow port to get us out of there when We hear a sudden roar an d a charge.
"Necros quick port I need my sword." He opened up a small one and I stuck my arm through found my sword and grabbed it just as Joel was bearing down on me. I dodged to the side just in time an stabbed him in is side. Man did that piss him off. I dodged around making precision strikes. He made one final lunge at me as I could see the blood loss was starting to get to him. I jumped and Used an over strike an cut cleaning into his head. He staggered back with my sword stuck into his face down to his nose. I jumped up and made a neat downwards kick using the thrust of my boots to kick the sword the rest of the way down and into the top of his neck. He dropped to his knees and stared at me as I wen to pull my sword from his neck. He dropped back wards dead.
I wiped my sword off and sheathed it again. I mended myself the best I could and walked off into the sewers . Now was I could go topside for a while was better if I just disappeared for a while again... and that's just what I did............
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