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Here is part two of my story and a bit of a side story that i wanted to write but had no idea where to stick it enjoy.

I had barely escaped. The truck took me to the next town where I slipped off and decided to wander around in search of a mode of transportation. I had come across an old abandoned warehouse, and decided to sleep there for the night. Upon further inspection, I realized that it seemed to be an old motorcycle factory that had been closed down awhile ago. It seemed that it had closed suddenly too, because there were still some motorcyles on the conveyor belt. I walked around,looking at them, careful not to stir up too much dust. Aside from being dusty and unfinished some of these bikes were nice. I decided that the best place to sleep would probably be the boss' office room. It was kind of uncorfortable but I had dealt with worse.
As I slept, nightmares haunted me. If she had kept Ellis alive, I wondered who else she had kept. I knew that if she had kept Ellis, she would have kept her other close friends as well. I started wondering if she may have kept some of my frineds too... But before I began to fear for some of my frineds lives, I decided I would at least try to find my old best friend, Teffy. I felt kind of bad for not contacting her sooner, but I had feared she wouldn't accept me considering my changed state.
In the morning, I took one last look around the factory and concluded that with the parts laying around here, I could probably finish one of the bikes. Part of my training in the squad I had been in, was dissasembling many different types of vehicles in order to cripple the enemy. I gathered what parts I could, and assembled myself a make-shift motorcycle. It wasn't pretty but it would do; it was fast and light and would work. I saw that there were gas tanks to fill the finished mortorcyles in an adjacent room. About midday, I filled the gas tank and slid my sword into the custom slot I had made for it and headed out. Before I left I had asked some of the locals how to get to Oklahoma, and they had been nice enough to tell me. The drive was long and uneventful, which I didn't trust.
Once I arived, it took me a few months before I was able to track her down. I had found her old house, and surprisingly enough she still lived there. I asked around a little bit before going there, and I was glad I did. I found out it that she had died a week before I had gotten there, but the funeral was being held that day. I found out where the funeral was being held, and went. It was a nice sunny day apparently due to the fact that where she lived had become an angel dome. I watched from a distance... none of those people would recognize me. It sadneded me to see it, yet at the same time i was glad. She had died naturally, which was good-- a heart attack at 68. As the procession ended and everyone left, I walked up with a bunch of her favorite flowers. As I set them down and turned to leave, I saw a little girl standing there staring at me. I looked down at her and could tell instantly who she had to have been. Her face looked almost exactly like her grandmother.
"Are you..." I stopped her before she could speak my name
"Yes i am."
"You know my grandmother Teffy?"
"Yes i knew her very well" I watched as the kid hugged a stuffed animal tightly. It looked familair then I realized what it was. It was the reaper bunny I had sent Teffy over 50 years ago. "Can i see your friend there?", I asked. She reluctantly gave him up and I looked at him.
"His name is Reaper Bunny.. it was my grandmothers she said she got it from you"
"Shes very right, I did send this to her " I handed her back the bunny "I am glad he's in good hands. Take good care of him and he will take good care of you" The little girl smiled and then her mom walked up. I quickly dissapeared before the mother saw me.
"Stephanie what are you doing?" Her mother sounded annoyed
"I was talking to grandmothers friend" the child replied innocently enough. The mother looked around, seeing no one there and was confused.
"Come on we're going to be late" She took her daughters hand and walked away to their car. After they left i looked at Teffys grave for a second before leaving on my bike. I had no idea where I was going to go from here but I felt a bit more at peace now, so I didn't really care.


A familiar voice roused me from my thoughts on my past.
"You know if you spent half as much time searching for her as you did reembering about her you would have already found and killed her"
It was Necros, my... cloak... of sorts.
"I thought i had told you to stay out of my mind"
"Ah but how can I resist when you broadcast it so loudly"
"Very funny"
"So where are we headed oh gracious one"
"Couldn't you have just picked that out of my mind?" I smiled as I said that.
"Yeah very funny..... Why are we going back to that hell hole?"
"It's the nearest town" , I replied. But that was a good question-- there was no reason to go back to that place but I had to. Necros silenced himself after that or just decided to ignore me. My mind began to wander again, this time to when i had first met Necros. Man, it seems so long ago and in a mortal's terms it was.
It was only 30 years after I had escaped from Iderah the first time. I had spent 20 of those years wandering around looking for clues and anything that might help me find her. Failing in that, I decided to do the only thing left I could think of... join the Angel army.
I made my way to the closeest Angel dome and signed up. I discretely opted not to tell them about my demon army training. I found it oddly humerous that they thought I was one of them. I didn't question it, I just went along with it and kept quiet. I did however tell them that I had excellent stealth and sniping ability. They sent me to another special squad, this time a Recon squad. Apparently every unit had a Recon squad it in. I guess you can see now why the angels did so well.
Boot camp was simple stuff. I passed everything with flying colors.
On the last day we finally met the captain of our unit, and I was amazed to say the least. She addressed all of us upon completion of boot camp. Thats right, I had said SHE. Apparently the leader of our squad was a woman--a very tall one at that. She had long white hair ,peircing green eyes and a look of determination was plastered on her face. She came up to the podium and spread her long wings. They were white but red feathers lined some of the under parts of her wings. Her armor was a darker red, almost like blood. It seemed rather odd, but I didn't comment on it. I lstared at her and ignored most of what she was saying. Somethign about her seemed strange, and I watched her as she spoke. I only tuned in when she spoke her name. Her name was Liquid. Again, an odd name for an angel but oh well. We were sent to our respective camps and I slept pretty well that night.
Over the course of the next ten years we were sent on minor missions i would usually recon with a group, give them information and slink back. I had to kill a few people and once or twice got sent to the front lines. Eventually, I moved up in rank until I was leading the recon squad. As. my rank improved, I started to get sent in alone. I also had started a fling of sorts with the captain, Liquid. It wasn't my intention but she had taken a liking to me. We had spent a few nights together,and after about halfway through, she wanted things to get more serious. I had told her of my past, but she thought I spoke figuratively when I had told her that the woman I loved had torn my heart out. It wasn't until the first night we spent together when she felt the scar on my chest that she realized it was literal. She looked at me almost in horror.
"How did you have yoru heart ripped out and yet you're still alive?"
"I'm not sure myself. It was a demon that did it, and now I hunt her down"
"You loved a demon?!"
"I wasn't aware she was a demon then and I didn't know what I was then either"
She left it at that for a while but it resurfaced a couple of months later. We lay there together in her bunker as we normally did... with her nestled in my arm. For being such a tall woman who commanded such respect, underneath it all she was still just a woman who needed to be loved. I had found that greatly amusing.
She had hugged me close and tentatively asked
"Do you still love her?"
I almost choked on my own air, but I knew exactly who she meant. "Are you insane? I hold nothing but hate for that woman. In fact, the only reason I joined the army in the first place was to track her down and kill her"
She shrank away from me some more. "So then what are you?"
I knew this was coming, and I sighed heavily " I'm not sure, but I plan on asking her when I find her."
We finished out the night and I went back to my bunker. She slowly pulled away from me over the next couple of years, until one day we had a top priority mission. She came into my bunker directly and threw a file at me "Heres your orders, I hope you get what you want" she said, and then stormed off. I sat confused for a second because I had NO idea what had just happened. After a moment, I opened the file and skimmed through it. I was to run recon with a squad-- no surprise there, but the suprise was on who, and where. I damn near dropped the file when I saw the name. They wanted to make a strike on Iderah's base. Apparently, she had people reasearching somethign and the Angels wanted to know what.
Now I knew what was pissing her off. Oh well. I had orders to move out by noon. I slid into my armor and decided to take my Dash boots. Angels of all ranks were equipped with them. Most of them had wings on them for quick aerial maneuvering. Mie, however, I had tweaked to basically give me quicker movement on the ground and higher jumping. Most of them only gave you two dashes before over heating, but through great reconfiguring, and a little help from Liquid, mine now could give me three. It also effectivly increased my jumping height. I strapped those on and headed for my chopper. My squad, each member of which I had personally trained when I became Squad Leader. We all hopped on and it took off.
Apparently she had set up a base of operations in the Amazon jungles..... Odd. What could be there that she was interested in, I had no idea. We were night-dropped in, and being Angels and a half breed, we didn't need to be dropped of on land, so we just jumped. My boots slowed my decent and the others just floated down. The base was a small cleared out area around a Mayan temple. That almost made it too simple. We snuck in easily enough, and I found it strange that there wasn't much security. I knew her to be smarter than this. We made it into the main camp and looked around. I signaled for the team to stop as I looked around.
Suddenly the ground shook . I but couldn't see where it was comming. Then,a hulking brute, easily 10 feet tall, came up from behind us. . Reminded me of the bad guy from Leauge of Extraodinary Gentlemen who drank all the stuff. He tore through my squad. Most were takie by surprise, and the others started to unload on it. It seemed not to work, and he tore through with a huge club bashing and killing all of my squad. Once he was done with them, he changed at me. I drew my sword and dashed to the side as he swung his club at me. I struck his arm and my blade was deflected as if I had just struck a wall. He swung his club back around and tried to catch me in my side. I lept up, using the extra momentum of my boots to get above him, and tried for a downward strike. He stood there and was struck right in the head. He grabbed me right around my neck as i came down. My sword simply scraped off his side with out doing any damage. He started to squeeze my neck. I tried to fight and stab his arm but it wasn't working. He ripped the sword out of my hand. Just as I was blacking out, I saw a female land on the hulking brute's shoulder. "Don't kill him I want to have some fun with him." I knew it was Iderah, and cursed her name as I passed out.

Time seemed to stop. I had begun to wonder if I'd died but time and an acheing head has found me nauseated and even more revoltingly alive. I looked around but found myself unable to move. The room I was in was nice enough.. red curtains, loveseats, and other stuff.... a typical female room. It had the smell of a demon to it.... a demoness more than likely. I struggled against my bonds, and found that they wouldn't give.
"What are you struggling for lover...." I knew that damned voice.
"Damn you woman! Why do you have me bonded" She was dresed in a normal skimpy outfit. A tight black skirt with her typical spaghetti strap black shirt.
"Why in such a rush sexy?" She crawled up the bed to me and thats when I realized that I had also been stripped. She licked up my body and straddled me. I knew what she was trying to do, but i wasn't gonna give her the satisfaction of it. I blocked it out with my mind
"Awww lover don't be like that I know you have a good resistance but we can fix that" She reached over to the table and pulled off a nice sized needle.
"What the hell is that?"
"Oh this is jsut something thats going to make you more amenable" She grinned at me as she stabbed it into the base of my dick. It hurt like hell but I blocked it out. Aparently whatever was in the needle was an aphrodisiac. My body went against its training and I became aroused.
She smiled and slid back up my body and straddled me again. She took pleasure in knowing I dind't want to fuck her. "How's it feel lover?" She asked, and sneered at me as she rode me. What ensued after that was a terrible nightmare for me. She used me strictly for her pleasure and knew it. Due to what she injected me with, I couldn't resist it. Hours seemed to pass, and I supose they did. When she was finally finished, she slid of of me and stared at me. "Well love you've alwasy been a good lay" She backed up and licked her fingers. " And you taste so good" She laughed and slunk back into the shadows. All I heard was her voice echo back. " Oh and sorry if my Joelie hurt you he can be such a brute "
I sat there stunned. That MONSTER was JOEL..... it had been her best friend when I was there..... It fuckin figured. They had always been very close. I laid there for a while, pondering how I was going to get out of here. I saw my stuff over in a cabinet. But I had no way to get to it. For now though, my mind was taxed so I passed out and fell asleep again.
I awoke to a strange noise. Out of nowhere a cloaked figure dropped in. He looked around and spotted me. " Why hello.. what have we here?" His voice was deep and kind of evil. He reeked of Demon. "Now what would a naked Human be doing in Iderahs base"
"Oh you know... i was just lounging around"
" Oh a smart ass. Well you look comfortable so i'll just be on my way"
"Could you at least let me out of here? I know you owe me nothing, but I have a job to do. And can't do it while bonded." I hoped the demon would but who knows-- demons are tricky things
"As long as you can tell me where the treasure is."
" As far as i know theres somethign under the base that theyre researching. My job was to find out what it was myself"
"Alright Human i'll let you go, but get in my way and I will kill you" He leaned over and sliced my cuffs off. He then turned to me " There human. Have fun now." He winked as he droped down into the floor and disappeared..... I figured that was odd and uncuffed my legs. I walked over to the cabiniet and grabbed my stuff. Now onwards to finding that demon bitch and killing her. I left the room and headed to the main walkway overlooking the yard. I hadn't gotten more than half way down the walk way when I heard a vicious scream and an alarm went off. " Well looks like she's realized I've gone" I broke into a run down the walkway. I turned the coner and somethign caught my eye. I skidded to a halt and ducked down. There in the main yard, stood two other behemoths holding some one. Joel walked out with Iderah on his shoulder. I sat and watched and listened.
"Aw well look who it is. What are you up to Necros?" Iderah asked
"Oh you know, looting, plundering, just finding something to steal" One of the monsters punched Necros in his stomach.
"Aw Necros why must you be such a smart ass?"
He wheezed out after the sudden hit " Oh you know me Iderah, any thing for a laugh"
I sat up on my perch and readied my sniper rifle. From here if i could just get one shot i could take her out. I targeted Iderah but something made me stop. If I killed her they might still kill him. God only knows why i cared but he did help me...... I grumbled. God damn my conscience. I re-aimed my sights on the two holding Necros. Before anyone could react, I leaped down and used my boots to dash over and grab Necros. I dashed to the wall of the camp and jumped up. I hit my bosters in mid-air but my boots weren't used to the weight, and I barely made it to the edge of the wall.I grabbed it and swung myself over. I ran into the jungle as quickly as I could. As I kept running, Necros looked up at me weakly."Stop" I stopped for a second and we both melted into the shadows. The world seem to spin and when it stoped we were in a house. I droped to the ground. Definitely wasn't expecting that. Necros hit the ground and rolled onto his back.
"I'm not going to make it meat bag. But I thank you for what you did. All that you see in this house is yours, and I want you to have my cloak". He stoped breathing and died right there on the floor. I don't know why, but I was interested. I slid his cloak off of him and was suprised. The guy underneath was human-- there was no Demon on him. Something told me not to put on the jkacket, but I did any how. There was a strange feeling... The world spun, and I grabbed onto something to hold my self up. Everything went dark and I passed out. I have no idea what happened, or what would happen next. I would have never guessed......
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