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This is a little story i am writing at the moment. I don't think its very good but i am looking for other peopel to read it and say what they think. I also need some one to edit them when i post themin my journal i'm horrible at grammer and stuff these have already been editied by some one else i jsut need to get some one who won't mind editing other parts to it ^_^ enjoy

It was storming outside, another damned dust storm. The bar I walked into was just the same as every other slag filled place. Only the worse came into the bars I traveled to. I walked in covered with the poisonous alkaline sand all over my coat. I dusted my self off and found a seat at the bar. I saw a few eyes turn as I walked in... to be expected. Most of these bars were filled with bounty hunters of all types. The bartender came over and asked me what I wanted. I grabbed the poster from my coat pocket and slid it over to him.

I looked up into his eyes and asked him. “Know where I can find her?”

The wanted poster showed a lovely red head with piercing green eyes, long black wings sprouting from her back, her shirt was barely able to be called clothing, a short skirt hung above her knees, and her skin was a pale flawless white. It appeared to be made of the most expensive pearl. The small fangs that protruded from her mouth betrayed the innocent face and gave her the look of a wild woman.

The bartender looked at the poster long and hard giving hardly a reaction. “Can't say that I have... You got a bounty on this one or you lookin for some pleasurable company?”

I said nothing just pulled the paper back in and left the front bar to sit in a dark corner. After a while a slim waitress walked up to me.

“What can I get for ya there dark one?” She had a nice smile but was probably just a bot programmed as a waitress.

“I'll take a Diamond Cutter.”

“Right away handsome.” And she trotted off to go to the bar to get my drink.

I started thinking about what the bartender had said. I chuckled to my self, "pleasurable company” …if he only knew.

Not many people do, the "woman" if that’s what you wanna call her, her name is Iderah and she’s a demoness. Demons and demonesses aren't a thing of fiction, and neither are angels vampires. They are very real, but they don't hide they way they do in movies, trust me… this isn't Blade or Devil May Cry. Those are games and movies of the past. These creatures walk amongst us every day, they are known to have been here ever since the war... but I’m getting ahead of my self.
I first met Iderah when I was 6...... My father was a demon hunter back then, back when the demons actually hid and the war was still a secret. Even at 6 my dad said I had the talent. We had caught Iderah's mother in a house. It had taken months to track her down but they had done it. My father thought it would be a good opportunity for me to make my first demon kill. Little did I know her daughter was watching the whole time from the attic… They drug her mother out in front of the house, my father handed me his knife and helped me as I pierced the demon’s heart... The screaming was horrible.

There was a celebration right then and there so no one saw as her daughter flew out of the attic and ran off. I estimate she was about 7 then, maybe 8... young for a demoness but still just as deadly. I had thought that had been the end of it my father soon retired from the guild and we settled into a normal life. My father died a few years later from natural causes so I was sent to live with my mother. We traveled for a bit because she was a busy woman, but we eventually settled in what was then called Sacramento. I figured it would be just like another other placed I’d lived, wouldn’t spend any more than a year there tops... but I was wrong, being there would change my life forever. I was a loser in high school so I stayed to myself.... when you had seen the things I had you tend to not make friends easily. But it happened any how; and I met her through a friend. His name was Ellis we had a class together. He introduced me to her..... She had changed her name I forget what it was now, but I had never guessed I’d find her again anyways. I thought it was just fate but upon reflection, it seems she planned it. She wanted revenge for the death of her mother.
I didn't know about any of this at the time, I was just a simple shy loner and suddenly this lovely woman takes interest in me. I was 16 then, it had been ten years after I had killed her mother.
I was in love, we both were. It was a whirlwind of weird happenings and illegal doings and lots of fun… plus massive sex. Then it all started going down hill I started getting in trouble with her, her parents hated me, she hated me too but I never knew why until our final night together... I was leaving for college soon and we had just broken up. I wanted to get back together with her, and I tried in a last attempt of desperation. I invited her to our special place, and old elementary school. When I saw her there she looked just as stunning as the day I met her. She always drove me insane but I still loved her. It seemed to go well enough at first I poured my heart out to her… but maybe poured it out to much. She kissed me, and then bit me. The bite pierced my skin almost like a vampire’s bite. That’s when it happened… now most people say that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, she found a better route... she went through my rib cage. It happened so fast I didn't even feel it. I staggered back and realized what happened as I saw my heart beating in her hand.

She spoke quickly knowing I was going to die soon. “This is for my mother. I could crush your heart right here, but I think I will keep it as a memento.”

It was then I realized who she was. She was the demon I had seen from the house. Her wings broke the bonds she tied them with and stretched out. I lost consciousness then. I believe I died, and considering I didn't have a heart I should have. But something odd happened, I woke up and I found my self breathing… more revoltingly alive than I had been. Something was different I didn't feel right, time had passed and it was morning my chest was healed but there was definitely a void. I wandered home only to find my mother brutally murdered. My room was still dripping with blood. When I could stop staring at the corpse of my mother I looked up.

On the wall was spelled in blood: “welcome to our side lover.”

It was then I knew what she had done to me, she had made me part demon, she had infected me with her tainted blood. So now I was one of them, and yet not. I was not fully demon and yet undeniably so. The TV was on when I walked into the living room and it was tuned to the news, I could hear it faintly. I caught something about a rift. I darted to the TV and watched the report, I felt like it somehow had something to do with me. Apparently a rift had opened up... many of them in fact all over the planet. White ones and red ones. It was the beginning of a war, The War. Most people came to know it as the Sin War, and it was nothing but angels and devils fighting the eternal struggle. The world was torn apart bit by bit. People sided with either the light or dark. It was anarchy at best. Horrible things transpired, every thing was blown back into hell so to speak. Domes of light and dark were made allover the planet..... Basses of operation. But neither side was stronger the angels didn’t care about the humans, and neither did the demons both treated the humans with apathy. I dropped out of the ranks of humans and became a bounty hunter, it was my only alternative. I started hunting demons and angels, it didn’t matter accept to whom ever hired me. I did it to get by, but my main objective was always her. I've been tracking her for years now, which bring us revoltingly to the present. That was 300 years ago. And I don't look a day over 20. When she bit me I inherited their limitless age. You know, it’s not that hard to kill a demon even with their ageless skin. It’s the same as killing any thing else. Before I left my old life and the war started to destroy humanity, I had grabbed my fathers things armed my self with all his old tools. I now use them for their purpose: to hunt and kill demons.
I was then brought out of my thoughts by the waitress coming back up to give me my drink. “Need any thing else just ask” she strolled off to serve her other customers.
I drank my drink. Nothing better than a good diamond cutter, most people think that it’s alcoholic but it’s not, its just simple milk and a few other things (heh). I finished my drink and drew my jacket back around me before heading back out into the storm. I will find Iderah and when I do I will kill her. But until then I will hunt every last one until I get to her...................

PT.1 Revenge
I walked back into the alkaline shit storm that was blowing around. I figured since I got nothing here I should head to the nearest dome. God, I hated going to those places. I contemplated which one to go to... The only ones around here were demon occupied. I got on my motorcycke and sighed as I pulled my cloak tighter around me and waited for my navigation comp to boot up. I checked the maps for this area and saw that only one came up. It figured. The biggest one in the western hemisphere. Los Angeles... most people would probably chuckle and find that ironic, I just find it fucking annoying. I got on my bike and started to follow the roads. Luckily, my navi comp was up and running so I could see without seeing. I had about 400 miles to go and my mind started to wonder as I drove.
I thought back to my first encounter with Iderah after she had tried to kill me. It was about 50 years after my "death", and the war between Angels and Demons had just begun. I had tried tracking her down with the help of the Guild, but that hadn't worked, so I was out of a lead and a job. I didn't want to hunt only demons, but the Guild had aligned themselves with the angels and I always figured one side was just as bad as the other. After I broke apart from the Guild, I decided to try something risky and join the Demon army ranks. I was already part demon and what better way to track a demon than with their own central computers. So I went and enlisted at the nearest Demon dome I could. The domes weren't fully operational yet but the stakes had been claimed and every one had their own territory. The training was pretty basic... hell, the human army seemed harder. We were trained in all sorts of weapons; knives,swords,guns,machine guns, launchers, tanks, planes, you name it we were trained to use it. Gotta give the demons that, they trained their people well. But I didn't want to be a normal demon soldier, I wanted to be an elite; they had a higher access. So I decided to try and become a sniper or an espionage person or mabye a solo recon-type person; silent and deadly. It was against my nature, but i needed it to get close to my objective. So I passed all the tests and training, and was recruited to Echo Squad, which was an elite team of snipers who were trained to do everything. Formidable alone and deadly together, they were the best of the best and I had snuck my way in. Almost immediately, a mission came through. Apparently, a member of the Demon hierarchy was continually getting assulted by Angel forces. I thought nothing of it at first, and we were posted to gaurd them as a sign of good will . It was then that I found out it was a demoness and she had charmed one of the captians into giving us this mission. But it wasn't just any demoness-- it was my demoness... Iderah.
I sat for a while contemplating the irony of this situation. It had to be a trap. She had to have known I was here.
We finally met with our Squad Captain the day we set out and I was very surprised to see who it was. We weren't called Echo Squad due to discription, we were called Echo Squad due to the Leader. It was only after he finished briefed us that I finally placed who he was. It was my old friend, Ellis. I should have pieced it together, I mean, he always was a sniper, and usually went by Echo, but something was different about him now... his eyes never seemed to focus. I found out later from another Squad mate that he was blind, but could hear and sense every thing. That sent chills down my spine. I always knew Ellis was the best sniper; we used to team up when we played games but that was over 50 years ago... he should be old and gray but instead he seemed young and as fit as ever. I figured he must have been turned which then made sense as to why we were being sent to protect Iderah's sanctuary. It was an old friend favor. Just lovely. Don't you just love how things come together?
I wiped that thought from my mind and focused on my objective. I would kill her... the only problem was not getting killed by a team of snipers after doing it. We set up camp around her house, and were given ID's of every one who worked there; Human and Demon alike. We also had access to all branches of security as well, and that was a big mistake. I waited a couple nights before I made my move.I had snuck into the house after telling my squad i was going on patrol. Quietly, I slipped into the house and around every one inside. I went up the few stories to her room and picked the lock on the door and let myself inside.
The room was dark except for the candles that were lit everywhere. My eyes took no time to adjust to the light, and as i walked around the room, I searched random things... anything that might give me a clue as to her nature or some hint that might help me kill her. I was armed only with my sword and my fathers dagger. My light armor made no noise as I slid silently through the dark room. I entered the main chamber. As I expected, her bed was there; the sheets were blood red as was everything else. As I neared the bed I felt a kind of displacement and heard a faint beating sound. I looked around quickly, hoping that no one was coming, but I couldnt seem to identify where the sound was coming from. The closer I got to the bed, the louder the sound grew...... it almost sounded as if it were a heart. I spotted a small box by her bedside,and something bade me to open it. I did then, and almost wished I hadn't. It was in fact a heart that was beating, but it was not just any heart.... it was mine.
She had torn it from my chest so long ago and yet it was still in perfect shape. The scar in my chest ached as I sat there and looked at my heart... its rhythm thundering through my head like drums. It grew so loud, I almost didn't hear the bathroom door open.
Quickly, I hid myself in the shadows as I was trained to do. I saw her walk lightly over to her bed, clad in nothing more than a towel. I stared at her, enraptured by what I saw... the flawless pale white skin beaded with little water droplets, her long red hair swirled arouind her and tantalized my eyes as I looked on. It made me remeber why I had loved her... but then I chided my self for such thoughts, she was a demon whore-- that beauty showed NOTHING. She spread her wings as what appeared to be a servent entered her room. He walked over, wrapped his arms around her and started to kiss her. Most likely a sex slave of hers. She laid back on the bed and spread her long legs as he came to her and went down on her. It was almost as if she knew I was there...she looked at the exact spot from which i was watching/hiding. She threw her head back in ecstasy as her slave started to fuck her. I couldn't take it any longer. I slid out of my hiding spot and drew my sword, quickly slicing her stud fuck cleanly in half. She jumped back and perched on the headboard of her bed, splattered in blood, and hissed at me as her eyes opened wide in shock and surprise.
"YOU!", she exclaimed. I smiled vaguely as I adressed her with the sharp point of my sword and said "you seem almost suprised to see me. After all it was you who gave me this wonderful 'gift'" She seemed to be at a loss for words and it made me wonder as to why. When she finally spoke, she sounded puzzled "You should be dead-- all I did was make you a ghoul, you shoudln't have turned full Demon" She sniffed in my direction before continuing "In fact, youre not even full Demon. I can't smell Demon in you, or Angel but youre not a ghoul either" She calmed down and seemed to regain her composure then. She slid off her headboard and back into her bed with such sultry fluid movement it would easily make a grown man crumble. "This is quite a surprise, lover. I didn't expect you to survive, my little techno kitty." She looked at me with a inquistive glance and a small chuckle as she called me one of her pet names for me when we dated. "What do you mean you didn't think I would have survived?" I said "You knew exactly what would happen. Thats why you did it and left me that note. Thats why you still have the very same heart you tore out of my chest". She simply laughed "Giving a Human a Demons blood merely turns them into a ghoul... they die after a few days. And I kept your heart alive in a special box to remeber with a certain....... fondness " She chuckled dryly, and glared at me with those piercing green eyes "But to know you still live and even came a long way and joined our army just to find me.... I never figured you'd still be in love with me, lover" The words were like poison to me. "I do not love you! I have nothing but hatred for you, you demon bitch. I came here to kill you for murdering my mother and tearing my heart out" I lunged at her but she quickly dodged spreading her wings and landing across the room. "Do you really think you can take me half breed?" She smiled at me inquisitivly. I stoped to think about my situation. " I don't think you can kill me. You thought I was already dead. You don't even know what to do, do you?" She stoped and thought for a moment "Oh there are ways to kill everything... nothing is immortal.Even the great GOD can be killed."
At that moment, the door flew open, and Echo walked in,armed with a sword. Iderah fled behind him and whispered something into his ear. "So, old friend we meet again. and here I thought she had killed you." It pained me to hear him speak so; to be on her said. He was like my brother before and now look at him-- reduced to a common demon. " Why Ellis? You were better than this...why have you betrayed me and taken up sides with her? you KNOW what she is you KNOW what shes done" I steadly moved back towards the window. I didn't know how good Ellis' swordsman ship was but I knew I couldn't take both of them on at once, and you NEVER trust a demon to fight fair. " MY NAME IS NOT ELLIS! My name is Echo now. She has givin me the best gift in the world! My sniping is second to none now. I can see every thing though they think i can see nothing. I see by echo just like I was always meant to" He lunged at me with an overhead strike that I quickly parried. We fought for a few moments before I shoved him back. "You have learned nothing in your travels with my squad. You can not win and you know it" I tossed a chair at him, then lunged in with a quick sideswipe but he had cut and blocked both and was right there to meet me. " I may not be able to beat you but i can stop you" I kicked one of the fragemnts of wood under his feet and dove for the window. I hit the ground at a full run and above me, heard Echo go to make the same jump, but Iderah must have stopped him.
I continued to run until I reached the closest town and quickly threw myself through the first available door and locked it behind me.. The room I had just entered was dark to say the least. After a moment,my eyes aclimated and as i went to take a step the floor gave way. I seemed to fall forever and I wish that I had. At least that would have saved me the pain of hitting a mountain of books. I jumped up and looked around to find an archaic lookign Demon with glasses staring at me. I raised my sword to meet any attack he might have. "no no Boy put that butter knife down before you get yourself hurt" The Demon walked over and looked at me. "Well you seem to be ok. My name is Drake and you are?" he raised an inquisitive eye brow. "Who i am is not important all you need to know is i need to get out of here and fast" I hated to be rude and short but with a team of snipers after me I really did need to get going. "I see......" He said as he looked me over again. "You don't know quite what you are do you young one?" I had turned to leave, but that made me pause "What do you mean? I'm a Demon turned from a mortal by Demons blood" He laughed, not really mencacing but as if I had just told a joke "My dear boy you cannot be TURNED into a demon any more than you can be TURNED into an angel. You however, appear to be something that shouldn't exist... at least hasn't existed for millions of years. Show me your arm" He held out his hand and waited for me to show him. I was a bit reluctant but if he knew what was going on, I wanted to know. I rolled up my sleeve and showed him my arm. "Ah just as I had thought. You have the mark of the ancients on you". Before i could ask what that was, there was a pounding at the door. "Open up old demon we know hes in there!"
Drake looked around quickly as if deciding what to do. He mumbled something real quick and made sort of a pushing motion with his hand "You must must not be caught. I will contact you when i can, just stay alive!" I felt another displacement as it seemed I was transported elsewhere...via Demon magic no doubt. But only archivists knew thoses spells.... That woudldexplain the books. I quickly got my bearings and made for out of town. Somewhere, anywhere. I just needed to get away and lay low. I bartered passage with a passing truck and was off. Little did I know what was going to end up happening to me.........
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