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This community is kind of dead and it is no doubt my fault. -_- Not sure if I can bring it back to life but I will do my best...I started an FF7 story. Only have a prologue and 3 chapters so far but I will write more. For the time being here is the prologue.

The darkness was all around her, blinding her and consuming her. The light of the man she had reached out for had long since disappeared. She floated in the never ending darkness, thinking of what was and what could have been. So many times she wished for a second chance at life. She would do anything just to see his face once more.

Be careful what you wish for...

She opened her eyes, her green orbs locked upon a white light that was above her. She wasn't sure what was happening but she felt herself being pulled towards it. She closed her eyes as she entered the light, it's brightness blinding her. As she opened them her eyes widened at what was before her. Before her lay the garden that she herself had planted so long ago. Yet the house had changed. Everything had been repaired and the hole in the roof was filled with glass so the flowers could still get the sun they needed. She kneels down beside her garden and glides her fingertips over the flowers.

"This can't be real..."

She slowly turned around as she heard footsteps at the door. Her eyes fill with fear as the door opens to reveal the man that had taken her life. His long white hair flows out behind him as he slowly walks towards the girl knelt by the flowers. She felt as if she were frozen in place, unable to move as he locked his eyes with her. She closed her eyes tightly as he reached a hand out towards her, expecting him to hit her. She was surprised when she felt the gentle caress of his hand against her cheek. She slowly lifts her gaze to his, her confusion clearly seen in her eyes. He simply smiles and moves his hand down her neck to her shoulder. He gently pulls her to her feet and she gasps softly as he pulls her into a tight embrace. He lowers his head to hers, whispering into her ear.

"Aeris... This is indeed real... You are alive once more... I have given your life back to you..."

His hands slowly glide down her back, his gentle caresses surprising her as well as scaring her.

"You are now connected to me... You will play a very big role in what is to come..."

He slowly pulls away and looks down into her fear filled eyes.

"Do not be afraid....You'll understand soon enough...For now, just enjoy what I have given to you..."

He kisses her forehead and turns away, walking out of her house and into the distance.
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