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here goes

hope you all like it...

It came to me as a shock
even though I could've
I held back my tears
and I feel like it's all my fault
for not taking the next step
I have no words to say
because I am afraid
that if I breath I'll burst
and all that was just mine
the others got to first.

I don't know where to go
my life seems endless
I'm the wheel out
the fifth wheel to go
everyone has someone
but the wheel just keeps on rolling
I just keep rolling
It can't be like this forevor
I need a blur to catch me
or I'll just keep on rolling
the road is now behind me
and I'm stationed still alone
because I'm wheeled out of rolling
stored up in a box
I've got no where to go

Troubled minds outside my own
you make my problems seem so little
i look up to you but you don't get i
I want to crawl inside your head
and see what I've missed out on
because I think that I should know your secrets
and I think I should know your thoughts
you're everything I want you to be
but I don't know who you are

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