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A fitting poem


When you said we were friends
I believed you
When you said you'd always be there
I believed you
But now I know the real you
A liar and a cheat
Self righteous and manipulative
Someone who looks out for only herself
You have betrayed me
You have stabbed me in the back for the last time
Are you happy with what you have done?
Do you take joy in knowing you've destroyed a true friendship?
This betrayal will not be tolerated
For now, I tell you this
To me, you are nothing
You're an empty shell
A lifeless body
You are dead in my eyes
I say my final good-bye to you
As if I were burying you right now
This is the end...Good-bye
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That is truly fitting for the situation at hand (I take it this is pertanining to a certain person that is trying to stirr it up?)

lol yes *hugs* i actually wrote this the first time she stabbed me in the back, this is actually the third time she has -_-

'sorry babe, three strikes and you're out'
Thats a good rule. Generally with me, if I have known someone for a very long time and can trust them, they get more than one chance. (depending on what they did)

Otherwise its "Goodbye"
yeah, this is the first time she's done this with one of my bf's though so....i don't think i'll be as forgiving this time and even if i do forgive her i could never trust her enough to be friends with her again
No thats a pretty serious line to cross. I am the same that way. If you screw with me fine whatever (well not fine) but you are in much hotter water if you try and go after my family and my friends.

*hugs* are you okay little sister?
*hugs* not really....ever reach the point where you want to cry but no tears will fall?
yup. I have reached that point several times. Usually I sit and just meditate. I know that sounds hokey but it works for me.
i should try that but i don't really have any time to myself...he'll be in four days though and we can work everything out face to face
That will be best. :)