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The Light

I find myself running
From what I do not know
All I know is I'm scared
With no one to help me

I fall to my knees
The tears beginning to fall
I pray for an escape
But one does not appear

I turn around to see
The darkness coming towards me
I realize that that was what I'm running from
And that there is no escape

My tears continue to fall
My hope beginning to die
I know that I am trapped
In a world full of darkness

My heart longs to be let go
But the darkness tightens its hold
I scream from the hurt
When will it ever end?

I look up to see a light coming from the darkness
I dry my tear filled eyes and reach for the light
I don't know where it came from
But I know it is my escape

The light comes closer to me
Surrounding me in it's warmth
The darkness begins to fade
And my hurt begins to die

I give myself to the light and smile with joy
I realize that the light is your love
Guiding me from the darkness
And protecting me from the pain
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