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Such depressing poems.


I regret when you came to me and I pushed you away
I regret causing your eyes to fill with tears
I regret giving you an aching heart
I regret turning my back to you and ignoring you being there

I regret saying I'm sorry and never showing that I truly am
I regret saying I love you and then running off to another man
I regret saying you make me happy and then go cry on a friends shoulder
I regret saying my life is wonderful when in truth it is hell

I regret all the pain that I've caused
I regret all the hurt I've brought to people
I regret all the tears shed because of me
I regret all the people left alone because I wasn't there

I regret my flirtatious ways
I regret how careless I am
I regret everything I've done and everything I am
But most of all I regret letting you go without even a kiss goodbye
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