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A new story

I realize I have so many other stories to finish but I can't help myself. I'll post the few chapters to this story and move on.

Tifa's Bar had been rebuilt along with the rest of the city of Midgar. Normally it would be packed with people looking to get drunk but today she had it closed. Today she was holding a private meeting in her bar with the people she had grown to cherish during the war against Sephiroth. Tifa stood behind the bar serving Cid and Barret another round of beer. Vincent stood in the far left corner of the bar, his quiet demeanor still in place. Yuffie stood in front of him, griping about how he needs to be more open with his friends. Red XIII sat quietly by the door. His instincts told him something big was about to happen. Cait Sith was pacing around the room. He knew very well what the meeting was about but he waited until Tifa and Cloud were ready to get it started. Cloud himself was sitting at the other end of the bar. He had his head resting on his arms, obviously quite disturbed with what he had to say. He felt a hand placed on his shoulder and looked up to see Tifa smiling at him.

"I think we should get started now. Before Cid and Barret end up passing out on the bar."

Cloud nods his head and turns in the stool he was sitting on.

"All right everyone. Listen up," He said.

Yuffie stops her rant to focus her attention on Cloud. Red XIII joins Cait Sith, getting anxious about what was going to go down. Cid and Barret didn't bother to stop drinking yet paid enough attention to catch what he had to say.

"Rumors have been going around of a man with long white hair and wearing a black leather trench coat roaming the different sectors of Midgar. Some are even saying the Black Caped Man has returned," Cloud said.

"Is that why you called us here? Over some stupid rumors? Come on, Cloud! We kicked Sephiroth's butt! There's no way he could be alive," Yuffie said.

Vincent places a hand on Yuffie's shoulder.

"Easy Yuffie... Is there any proof to these rumors?" he asked.

"Actually, a couple of Shin-Ra officers were in here the other day. I overheard them talking about a man with a long katana blade killing a couple in Sector six. Since the soldiers were last in here news reports have been saying more bodies have been found and they had been killed the same way as the couple had been." Tifa explained.

"What Tifa says is true. The body count is now up to twenty. Yet even now no one has gotten a clear look at the man behind the killings. Yet from the vague descriptions I've received I have no doubt in my mind that Sephiroth has indeed come back to life," Cait Sith said.

"Hell, even if it is Sephiroth. We kicked his ass once we can do it again," Cid said, turning away from his drink momentarily.

"Hey now, Cid. Let's not take this too lightly. If he is alive then there's no telling what kind of power he may have now. Perhaps we should check out the different sectors and see if we can pick up any new information about this man," Red XIII suggested.

"That's what Tifa and I had planned. Reeve is going to keep us informed if anything else happens. The man was last seen here in Sector seven. We should begin our search in sector six, where the killings first took place," Cloud said.

"Fuck that. We could cover more ground if we split up into two groups. Send one to Sector six and have the other search this sector," Barret demanded.

"That's actually not a bad idea Barret. Let's decide who we're going to send to where," Cait Sith said.


Outside the bar a woman with long brown hair pulled back in a braid, wearing a pink dress stood and watched the bar in silence. She knew they were in there but what was she to say to them? A simple hello wouldn't do. And how was she going to explain her miraculous resurrection? Maybe she didn't have to tell them, atleast not yet. After all, it had been almost a month since Sephiroth had brought her back to life and she hadn't seen him since then. Yet somehow she felt like he was always with her, watching her. She looks over her shoulder and frowns. The feeling of being watched was always with her and she was truly scared. What exactly did he want with her? And the way he had held her... She had a feeling that what he had planned for her was going to destroy her in more ways then one.
She looks back at the bar and sighs. Deciding to get it over with she slowly walks towards the door. As she got closer she could make out the faint sounds of voices. She listens intently, only catching a fraction of what was being said. What she did make out scared her. Sephiroth was starting his massacre and somehow she had felt him kill each person. She now knew what he meant by them being connected. She never wanted to believe it but he had managed to link his mind with hers. She closes her eyes and steps away from the door. Sephiroth may know very well where she is. She didn't want to place her friends in danger but she desperately wanted to see them... to see Cloud most of all. She made her decision and took the chance. She grabs the door handle and slowly opens the door.
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